BOYER – A Faithful Clergyman

Samuel Herbert Boyer_PortraitThe Rev. Samuel Herbert Boyer Receives Recognition he Long Had Sought From Kenyon College.

The Rev. Samuel Herbert Boyer is critically ill at his home, 1729 South Broad Street. He Is In his 80th year, and It Is feared that he cannot recover. Mr, Boyer was a close friend of the late Bishop Whitaker and for 19 years was rector of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit, 11th street and Snyder Avenue. It was because of his enthusiasm and persistent work that this church was built. Mr. Boyer’s father was Judge Samuel Boyer, of Elmira, N.Y. The son went to Kenyon College, Gambler, OH, where he was graduated In June, 1866. At a meeting of the trustees last year It was decided to confer upon Mr. Boyer the degree of doctor of divinity, and this honor he was to have received next June, on the 5Oth anniversary of his graduation.

When It was learned at the college that Mr. Boyer was seriously ill, It was decided to confer this token of the esteem of his alma mater upon him at once. Mr. Boyer has previously received the degree of master of arts, and throughout his life he was anxious to receive a doctor’s degree from Kenyon. He was ordained a priest In the Episcopal Church by Bishop McIlvaine at Columbus, OH. His early charges were Christ Church, Xenia, OH, Christ Church, Glendale, OH, and St. James’ Church, Pittston, PA. He came to St. Paul’s Church, 3rd and Walnut Street, this city, In 1873. He was there seven years. He was, for a time, at St. Peter’s, Delaware, OH, but soon returned to this city to take up the task, with Bishop Whitaker , of pressing to completion the plans for, and the building of the Church of the Holy Spirit.

He retired several years ago. Mr. Boyer is known throughout South Philadelphia. During his active service he was Indefatigable In serving his people. He was willing to go out at all hours of the night, even In his old age, to sit at the bedsides of sick persons. He was very close to the confidence of the Inhabitants of that district known as the “Neck,” In the extreme southwestern part of the city, on this side of the Schuylkill, and It was through his persuasions that many of them went to church. Many stories of his zeal are told In that neighborhood. Only a few years ago, shortly before his retirement, the mounted policeman on duty In a desolate part of the “Neck” one stormy winter night, met the Rev. Mr. Boyer trudging along on the muddy road to visit a sick parishioner. He had been sent for after midnight, and he insisted on going out. The policeman, who knew him well, Implored him not to go further at that time of night into a district that had been, at that time, the scene of a number of crimes, and being unable to convince the aged clergyman of the danger, he at last took It upon himself to compel him to turn back and go home. The incident Is typical of the devotion which many people feel for Mr. Boyer In the southern part of the city. Mr. and Mrs. Boyer have two sons, the Rev. Francis B. Boyer, rector of the Church of the Saviour, Boston, and Herbert Morton Boyer, an attorney, and a daughter, Mrs. Charlotte H. Luther.

Source:  Philadelphia Newspaper Article