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(The information on this page is taken from the Buek Family section of the “Deutches Geschleterbuch” band 51 of 1927)

Originating from Hamburg, Darmstadt, Munich, Zeitz, Berlin and New York.

The family of “Buek” descends from Peter Buek, of Hamburg, who was baptized at St. Michaelis Church.  He had four children. His date of birth (estimated at 1640), profession, marriage and date of death have not been recorded.

This family tree, as stated in the book “Citizens of Hamburg” originates with his youngest son, Johann Buek.  He was a gardener; a profession that has been exercised by the Buek family in Hamburg for many generations. Johann Buek provided the first down payment for the acquisition of citizenship on 9/5/1690 and it was not until after three other payments that he was awarded citizenship on 1/28/1701. Around this time he bought a garden situated between the Dammtorstrasse and the Alster from the heirs of John Krahmer.

On 3/12/1728 his son, Christoffer Buek, purchased farmland and a house at the Dammtor monastery pale.

His eldest son, Peter Buek, added more real estate to the family land holdings. He originally leased the land outside Dammtor at the mill in Grindel, on the road to Harvestehude and purchased it on 4/23/1767. The only child of Peter Buek was Christopher Buek (born on 8/11/1755).

Christopher Buek’s eldest son, Christoph Wilhelm Buek did not devote himself to his father’s profession and left Hamburg as an officer of the Royal Prussian No.9 Grenadiers Regiment (Kolberg) where he was present at the conclusion of the War of Liberation. He also increased the real estate of the clan with the purchase of the manor Scharzau situated on the road from Stettin to Pasewalk.

Christoph Wilhelm Buek had two sons, Alfred Edward Wilhelm Buek and Rudolf Wilhelm Buek.  Rudolph Wilhelm entered into the same regiment as his father. In Berlin on 1/6/1877 Rudolph Wilhelm Buek and his descendants were raised to the level of Prussian nobility.

Due to the adoption as children through her cousin Ella von Buek at the Notary at Tegernsee 9/12/1922, confirmed by the district court of Raumburg in the year A.D. 9/29/1922 the descendants of Alfred Eduard Wilhelm Buek since then bear the name “von Buek.”

Several members of two other branches of the family have left Hamburg  over the course of the 19th Century, where they also possessed some nursery gardens, were traders and settled in Prussia, Austria, Russia and North America.  Due to the emigration of those two branches to other countries it has been very difficult to determine more about them.

Georg Buek, Dr. (Lawyer) deserves lasting merit for researching and publishing this family genealogy in Hamburg.

The following master branch owes its completeness, essentially, to two printed family trees, authored by Heinrich Wilhelm Buek  Ph. Dr. (born 4/10/1790) and to notices from the state archives of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.