The Green Genealogy portion of this website is still under construction.  I have been informed by  “professional genealogists” that the genealogy of my Green Family goes back to Henry Greene (1550-1578) and Anne Greene (1556-1601) in Dorset, England and that their grandson, Nathaniel Green Sr, immigrated to America in the 1600’s.  Alas, I can find no verification of these assertions.  Therefore this website only reports what I can document:  My 2nd great grandfather, James Green (born about 1809) married Charlotte Louise Stehley (also identified as Charlotta Luisa Stehley) and that my great grandfather Luther Stehley Green, Sr. (1844-1908) married Annie (1851-   ) and my grandfather Luther Stehley Green, Jr. (1878-1949) married Charlotte Belle Boyer (1877-1962) and my father Luther Stehley Green, III (1911-1961) married my mother Virginia Louise Buek (1912-2001).

As Information about my 2nd great grandfather, James Green, is minimal and his name being common, I would welcome any additional information that can be provided.